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As the chart (from the Interactive Gambling Act 2001)shows, the only legal forms of online gambling in Australia are Lotteries, and Sports Betting basically. Wagering is also listed as legal but what exactly is wagering and how does one define it - important information considering the legal implications associated with breaking these onlne gambling rules.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Wager as:
wa·ger (wā′jər) n.
1a. An agreement under which each bettor pledges a certain amount to the other depending on the outcome ofan unsettled matter. b. A matter bet on; a gamble.
2. Something that is staked on an uncertain outcome; a bet: a wager of $20.
And what I find interesting is that when playing roulette, blackjack, pokies or any number of the 1000's of online casino games available to play it occurs to me - and my inner lawyer - that every online casino game, slot machine and pokie is in effect the other party and with each press comes the 'agreement' of what is being 'pledged' and with that the wager or 'uncertain outcome'
Technically then, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 states quite unequivocally that yes, placing bets online through the various games and channels offered is indeed legal - and the only offence you are committing by engaging in such activity is an anti-social faux pas at best - certainly not something that the government or the law can do - not until they remove 'wagering' from the list of legal online gambling activities.

Defining Pokies and Internet Gambling


What Is a Progressive Slot, and How Does It Work?

On most slot machines, the jackpot is a fixed amount, but on a progressive game, the jackpot rises as players put coins in the machine and spin the wheels. A tiny percentage of each coin played is used to “feed” the jackpot. There are three types of progressive slot machine games.

Standalone Progressives

A standalone progressive slot machine has a jackpot ticker on the game, but only bets placed on that specific machine feed the jackpot. This was, at one time, the only kind of progressive slot machine game available, but most progressives feature multiple machines that are linked together. Still, so many standalone machines were manufactured that these games are still easily found in casinos throughout the world. Usually the jackpot on the games will be under $10,000.

Local Progressives

Local progressives were the next step in the evolution of this type of game, and they’re still commonly found. These games feature jackpots within a specific casino that are linked. This network can include as few as a dozen or so machines, or it can include a hundred machines—it just depends on the casino. Usually the jackpots available on these games are under $1,000,000, and often they’re under $100,000.

Wide Area Network Progressives

These are some of the most popular casino games on the market today. A wide area network jackpot links slot machines from multiple casinos in the same state. This allows the jackpot to accumulate into astronomical sums of money, often over $1 million and sometimes even over $10 million. The most well-known brand of wide area network progressives are the Megabucks games from IGT, which is the most successful slot machine design company in the world.

How Do You Win a Progressive Jackpot?

No strategy or system can increase your chances of winning a progressive jackpot on a slot machine game. The odds of winning are similar to the odds of winning the lottery, although you get many more chances of winning per hour with a slot machine game than you would get playing a lottery game.

An important thing to keep in mind about progressive jackpots is that they don’t become “due”. The chances of winning are astronomically small no matter how large the jackpot has gotten. It’s possible for a jackpot to grow large enough that a bet on a particular slots game will be a positive expectation bet, but it’s not a practical opportunity to win. A 1 in a million shot is still a 1 in a million shot, even if the jackpot is up to $2 million.

Online Progressive Jackpots

With the rise of online casinos, progressive jackpots on the Internet have become just as popular as the games in actual land-based casinos. Microgaming is one Internet casino provider which has established its fame and reputation based largely on its large assortment of fun, colorful, and relatively loose progressive jackpot games.
In fact their popular progressive slot Mega Moolah is affectionately known as the millionaire maker Learn More Here

Online progressives work just like their land-based cousins. Every wager you make on your computer feeds a tiny amount into the progressive jackpot for that game. Since lots of players are now gambling from the comfort of their homes, these jackpots can become just as large and life-changing as the progressives in Vegas or Atlantic City.

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